What is MuXroom?

Expressing foreign genes (gene X) in mushrooms.

The concept of MuXroom:
By producing therapeutic proteins in mushrooms, MycoMagic expands the values of mushrooms from nutrition to functions such as healthcare, disease prevention and treatment.

X can be:

a.Green fluorescent protein from jellyfish

b.Genes for pest prevention



e.Antigens for vaccinations and treatments

f.Antigens for allergy

Mushroom Molecular Pharming

A.Mushroom molecular pharming uses transgenic mushrooms to produce therapeutic proteins, including enzymes, antibodies and antigens for vaccination

B.Advantages of using mushrooms for molecular pharming

a.Mushrooms are GRAS (generally recognized as safe), suitable for use as oral vaccines.

b.Rich in dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids; low on calories.

c.Medicinal properties of polysaccharides, triterpenes and immunomodulatory proteins.

d.Year round, short growth cycles.

e.Cultivation using agricultural waste such as sawdust, straw and bran.

f.Space saving vertical cultivation by stacking.

g.Closed system cultivation, preventing cross-contamination.

Providing the 4th Major Function to Mushrooms

Mushroom molecular pharming provides the 4th major function

Function No. 1: nutritional value


b.Dietary fibers

c.B vitamins

d.Ergosterols and minerals

Function No. 2: flavors and taste

Function No. 3: health benefits



c.Immunomodulatory proteins

Function No. 4: disease prevention and treatment

Hepatitis B Prevention Shiitake Mushrooms
(Lentinula edodes)

‧Hep B surface antigens expression in shiitake mushrooms

‧Fruiting body development

‧Stimulated Hep B antibody production in mice

Hepatitis B Prevention Enoki Mushrooms
(Flammulina velutipes)

‧MycoMagic Hep B prevention enoki mushrooms

Patented strain: MM-Fv-B-001

Deposit No. DSM27789

‧ US patent Application No. 14/464,779

‧ Completed mushroom life cycle and developed fruiting bodies

‧ Stimulated Hep B antibody production in pigs

Contracted research report from the Animal Technologies Laboratories of the Agricultural Technology Research Institute:
Research on the development of Hepatitis B antibodies in pigs fed with MycoMagic Hep B prevention enoki mushrooms.

Desensitization Enoki Mushrooms
(Flammulina velutipes)

Enoki mushrooms transplanted with House Dust Mite Allergen protein Der p2.

Oral vaccinations with mushroom liquid extracts reduce allergic reactions in animals.

MycoMagic Mushroom Molecular Pharming Milestones:


gpd transformation in Flammulina velutipes

Publication link


Establishment of a basidiospore based electroporation methods for F. velutipes and Lentinula edodes


Establishment of a mycelium based electroporation method


Successfully expressed GFP in F. velutipes and completed its life cycle

Fluorescent F. velutipes life cycle link

Publication link


Establishment of agrobacterium-mediated transformation of F. velutipes.

Coning of carboxin resistance gene in F. velutipes

Development of Hepatitis B prevention L. edodes

Development of desensitization F. velutipes


Establishment of agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Pleurotus cystidiosus.


Optimization of gpd promoter in F. velutipes

Acquired patent for gpd promoter cloning in P. cystidiosus,, US patent US7777021

Acquired patent for carboxin resistance gene cloning in F. velutipes, US patent US7759100


Development of Hepatitis B virus oral vaccine in F. velutipes

Acquired patent for mycelium and basidiospore based electroporation, US patent US7973215


Development of a homologous selectable system for Hepatitis B prevention
F. velutipes


Establishment of a platform for multiple gene expressions for F. velutipes

Publication link:

Acquired patent for carboxin resistance gene in F. velutipes, China patent ZL 201010146873.5

Acquired patent for gpd promoter and heterologous gene expression,Taiwan patent I390036


Patent applications for optimized gpd promoter in F. velutipes,US patent publication US-2014-0123345-A1

Taiwan patent publication 201416443